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Crash Rocket gambling game is one of the most interesting novelties of 2023 at 1Win Casino!

You will meet a beautiful girl on a rocket, which brings players sometimes very high coefficient. Uncomplicated game mechanics does not require you to learn a lot of rules. In the game for money Rocket Queen can understand every fan of top crash games. Ready to fight for high multipliers? In that case it’s time to register for Rocket Crash on the official website.

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What is Rocket Queen about?

Version of the game belongs to the genre of crash games. In them the round ends at an unpredictable moment, and it is important for the player to have time to take the money before the bet is burned. The Rocket Queen can be called a key analogue of Lucky Jet. The mechanics in the two gambling entertainments are identical.

Rocket Queen has only one main character – it is an attractive nameless girl, whose appearance will charm every player. The girl seems to have arrived in the entertainment from anime culture. The beauty from Rocket Queen is on the top of an incredibly fast rocket, the length of the flight of which determines the score in the round.

Except the playing field with the protagonist, the game looks the same as Lucky Jet, SPEED & CASH. Obviously, the developers of Rocket Queen deliberately wanted to create a similar competition with a new female character.

Where to play Rocket Queen Online?

👇Enter the amount you want and click the BET button.
🚀Watch the girl on the rocket fly and the multiplier go up
🤑Withdraw before Rocket Queen flies away and achieve X times more!

If you are ready to join the betting in Rocket Queen with a rocket and an attractive beauty, it is important to play exactly on the site of the provider. The game in question is an absolute exclusive of the famous 1Win online casino. When you go to the official website, select the Rocket Queen in the second place in the category right after Lucky Jet.

Avoid fake, non-original versions of Rocket Queen. Honest gameplay and regularly high odds in Rocket Queen you can guarantee only 1 Win gaming club. You can play Rocket Queen in 1Win not only from your computer, but also from your phone.

The Rocket Queen Crash Official Website

In April 2023, the popular online casino 1Win introduced the Rocket Queen. There is not only thousands of entertainments from various providers, but also unique games that are only on the 1Win gambling site.

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Among the exclusive projects 1Win includes not only Rocket Queen, but also Lucky Jet, Speed Cash and other crash fun.

For players, the official site Rocket Queen is accessible from computer and mobile devices. Registration in 1Win takes literally a minute of time, thanks to it you will open access to an incredible selection of entertainment for money.

Regularly brand 1Win pleases with bonus offers, vouchers beginners and regular customers. Play Crash online for money only in 1Win, so you will have confidence in the originality of gambling entertainment.

Game Rules

An important recommendation for newcomers to Rocket Queen is to read the rules of the crash game, which will help you fully understand the gameplay. A clear understanding of Rocket Queen’s mechanics will help you increase the frequency of winning bets.


It’s easy to play! You can win at Rocket Queen from 1Win in just a few seconds. This is by no means an exaggeration, because immediately after the start of the round you can already withdraw your money. True, in this case the multiplier will be small. That is why most players are not in a hurry to withdraw immediately, waiting for a decent multiplier – at least x1.5-2.0. What you need to do to get the success in Crash Rocket Gambling:

  • Decide how much wager you will play with and write it in the appropriate box. Place a bet, but don’t bet too expensive for you, so as not to risk the total amount on your balance;
  • As soon as the round starts, the girl on the rocket will go up. Watch the increasing multiplier, but remember that the round can end at any time;
  • Cash out before the crash: you can withdraw money only before the Rocket Queen round is over!!! Your profit is already on your balance! Even if you took the money with a modest odds of x1.20, still remain in the plus!
  • Suddenly (it depends on random number generator) the girl on a rocket in the style of an anime will fly above the playing field, after which the round will be completed. As long as you see the beauty on the screen, the bet is available for cashout. Try not to miss the opportunity to take your triumph. Be carefully, do not to lose your wager!

Interface and gameplay of Rocket Queen: first acquaintance

Part of the Playing FieldCharacteristics and Description
Top Part (Header)– “How to play” buttons and visitor’s profile located here. Displays settings of the virtual machine (screen size, sound). Number of players connected to the system is shown on the right side.
Panel under the HatReserved for the “history of rounds completion”. Displays the latest payout odds and marks the won rounds.
Main Area (Center)The main field where the events of Rocket Queen unfold. Shows the immediate flight and crash events.
Bottom PanelBetting panel with two identical blocks. Allows customization of autoplay and auto withdrawal settings. Focuses on the size of the bet being made.
Right Live Chat PanelGamblers can write messages for other players and share their betting achievements. Supports emojis built in by the system and GIF animations, making the online chat more interactive and fun.

Sign up for Rocket Queen from 1Win

All you need to start betting at Rocket Queen is a gaming profile at 1Win online casino. Any user can create it without providing a lot of personal information.

Once on the official Rocket Queen website, click on the green “Register” button, which is both from your phone and computer at the top of the page.


In the pop-up window, you will need to do the following:

  • Choose the currency in which you will be depositing your account. Normally, the Rocket Quin website defaults to the appropriate currency for each player;
  • Provide a phone number that you will be willing to confirm;
  • Include your email – you may also need to confirm it, please provide your real, personal E-mail;
  • Agree to the 1Win agreement with one tick;
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • You can use an alternative way to create an account – through social networks. This method will speed up registration in Rocket Queen from 1Win.
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As an online entertainment, Rocket Queen is insured against technical problems. In case of internet connection failure your bet will be cashed automatically, and your money will be transferred to your wallet balance. In case of technical malfunction of gaming equipment all bets will be cancelled. However, the money in this case will be returned to the players in full.

500% Bonus at 1WIN

To all new customers the 1 WIN brand provides a pleasant and great gift, which is commonly referred to as a welcome bonus. You need to replenish your account in any of the possible ways, after which the bonus balance will receive a gift amount.

Bonuses and vouchers for Rocket Queen

The gift accrual is divided as follows:

  • 1st deposit – 200% to the deposit;
  • 2nd deposit – 150%;
  • 3rd deposit – 100%;
  • 4th deposit – 50%.

Thus, to get the whole welcome bonus, you need to make four deposits. According to the rules of the permanent promotion, the bonus can reach 1000$. And for its wagering it is necessary to play gambling entertainment or bet on sports.

To start in Rocket Queen with a cash gift will definitely be more pleasant! Provider 1Win regularly releases bonuses for players and gives away money for simple tasks indicated on the page “Free Money!”

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Guarantee of integrity of the gameplay

None of the parties (player, developer, casino) relating to gambling entertainment Rocket Queen, can not affect the calculation of the coefficients. As the crash-game operates with the technology Provably Fair, which guarantees the excitement in the purest form without tweaking the results.

So that the final prospects in a round cannot be adjusted up or down, Provably Fair technology takes the sides of the three players and the provider, turning them into a SHA512 hash function. The end result is a completely random coefficient, at the set of which the round will end.

Thanks to the technology discussed, it is safe to say that signals for Rocket Queen from any source cannot work. Also, do not rely on strategies that are unlikely to bring big wins in the case of any gambling entertainment. Do not try to predict the results of the round, so you only increase the risk of loss.

Depositing and withdrawing

In Rocket Queen crash bets are accepted only on the real money currency (rubles, dollars, euros and other). To play Rocket Queen with the girl on the rocket, you must make a deposit.

To find out how to deposit, register at the site of the bookmaker 1Win and log in to your account (via email address or phone number). Then click on “Deposit” – each method has its own deposit limit. What will be the minimum and maximum amount of deposit, depends not only on the method, but also on the currency you chose at registration.

You can make a fund by such payment methods as:

  • Cards of the largest payment systems (VISA, MasterCard). For players from Russia, the cards of MIR system are supported;
  • Electronic wallets QIWI and UMoney;
  • Crypto currency wallets (Bitcoin, Tether, Tron, Litecoin and others);
  • Piastrix;
  • Monetix Wallet;
  • MoneyGo and SKY PAY.
  • Withdrawal of money can be made both to a bank card and an electronic, cryptocurrency wallet. Methods of deposit and withdrawal may differ even within the same currency or your country location.
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Download Crash Rocket Queen on your phone

If you’re more comfortable betting on Rocket Queen from your smartphone, we suggest you install one of the 1win apps. The online casino has an official app for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).


The official website and 1Win app do not differ globally in terms of interface, functionality, design. Convenient application is that it will be on the desktop of your smartphone.

Accordingly, you will be able to get to the catalog of gambling entertainment as quickly as possible, without wasting time searching for the mirror 1Win. To download the app with the best crash money game, you need:

  • Open the 1Win website from your phone;
  • Scroll down to the basement line;
  • Click on “Apk for Android / iOS” and follow the next instructions to install the program.
  • The app has all the promotions and bonuses offered by the 1Win club on the official website.

Rocket Queen demo mode

The crash amusement does not have a demo version, which gives the opportunity to make free bets without registration and deposit. Without creating a profile and making a deposit, you can only run Rocket Queen, learning the gameplay and rules. So you will decide for yourself whether the crash game suits your preferences or not.

The minimum bet in Rocket Queen is only $0.1, so you can start playing without big financial risks. And you can recharge your account in 1WIN with just $0.1. Therefore, if Rocket Queen gameplay interests you, we absolutely recommend to join money betting.

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Rocket Queen gamers reviews

A very interesting novelty from 1Win! Rocket Queen although similar to Lucky Jet, but visually looks much nicer. The odds right now in Rocket Queen are quite high, so get into the crash game!

Very cool drawn girl in Rocket Queen, also her animation is cool. The competition looks really stylish, and the winnings are often higher than Lucky Jet. I definitely recommend Rocket Queen to fans of crash games, you can play and get a decent profit.


How do I win at Rocket Queen?

Don’t miss the opportunity to withdraw your bet while the round lasts. When the beauty on the rocket flies away from the playing field, the round is over. If until that moment you have withdrawn your winnings, the bet has ended successfully for you. The odds, which were at the withdrawal of your winnings in Rocket Queen, depend on the size of your profit.

How do you catch high bid in a crash game?

It is impossible to be 100% sure which round the girl on the rocket will go high, e.g. x1000. If you want to play exclusively “big”, expecting huge multipliers, you need to understand that the frequency of unsuccessful bets will be high. Look at the history of bets to roughly understand how often in Rocket Queen there is a multiplier of x50 or higher. It is more profitable to play, planning to withdraw your bet at a multiplier of x2-x3.

What is the official website of Rocket Queen?

Rocket Queen was released in early 2023 by gambling company 1Win. The brand has exclusive rights to the Rocket Queen crash game. Sign up at 1Win to play the original and official version of Rocket Queen. (Your promocode for 500% bonus – 1ROCKETQUEEN copy and paste on 1win website)

How do I get a promocode for Rocket Queen?

Subscribe to the official 1Win Telegram channel, where casino representatives regularly post working vouchers with more activations. As soon as the voucher is published, hurry to apply it. Otherwise, you can miss it, because the secret code can be activated a maximum number of times.

Can the signals for Rocket Queen be trusted?

Any signals reporting the expected bids in Rocket Queen are not reliable and highly questionable information. We do not recommend you to trust the signals as they will inevitably lead to losing bets and serious risks for your deposit.

Is rocket queen available in Russia?

Да, игра Рокет Квин доступна в России, по ссылке – официальное зеркало сайта

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