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Rocket Queen –
How to Win a Lot of Money

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Rocket Queen Strategies and Tactics

Many players in the pursuit of big winnings in Rocket Queen use strategies. There are a lot of tactics with detailed instructions on the web, but all of them are ineffective in practice. Rocket Queen – crash game, which operates on the mechanism of random number generator that randomly determines the moment the girl flies away on a rocket off the screen.
You can not predict or calculate a specific second – every time the figures are different. In games on the random number generator should rely only on luck. In this article we will analyze in detail each tactic and tell you why they do not work.

Table of content

  • Strategy 1: one bet
  • Strategy 2: two bets per round
  • Strategy 3: Double Up
  • Strategy 4: For Beginners
  • Strategy 5: Time selection for betting
  • Rocket Queen Signals
  • How to test Rocket Queen strategies for honesty
  • Tips for Rocket Queen players

Strategy 1: One bet

The game interface allows you to make one round of up to two bets simultaneously. The scheme works on the following principle: the user plays with minimum risks and does not include the auto play mode.

Rocket Queen Strategy

This option is mainly used by too patient players and beginners, because sometimes you have to wait for dozens of rounds to get the win.

The tactic can also be used in the “Auto Bet” and “Auto Withdrawal” modes. In this case, the computer itself will bet and cash out the winnings. These functions are a kind of safety cushion.

The essence of the strategy is to withdraw the winnings when the character reaches the minimum odds – x1-x2. This will protect the player from large monetary losses, but it will not be possible to earn serious amounts of money of interest to the majority.

Strategy 2: two bets per round

This strategy offers players to run two bets at once. For the first of them it is necessary to turn on the autoplay function and set a small coefficient (around x1-x1.5). The mechanism itself will stop the round when the rocket reaches this figure.

The second bet you will control yourself. Set the desired amount and odds and start the round. When the rocket with the girl soars into the air, watch closely the trajectory of her movement. The winnings from the first bet will automatically be credited to your account when the object reaches a ratio of x1-x1.5. Cash the winnings from the second bet should be at a level higher than x2.

Ideally, the first move should overlap the costs of both bets. However, this principle does not always work: sometimes the rocket flies off the screen when the odds are still below x1-x1.5. Then the bet is burned, and the player loses the invested money.

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Strategy 3: Doubling Up

A tactic for those who have a large bankroll. The principle of the doubling strategy is as follows:

Strategy rocket queen for beginners

The user makes a bet, and if the bet was unsuccessful, he goes to the second round (i.e., makes another bet).
In the second round, the bet increases. And the player bets the amount of the previous loss multiplied by two.

And so on in a circle. If the bet again failed to play, the user needs to double the amount lost. From this principle can not depart until the winning. In case of winning return to the original bet.

First of all, the tactic is costly. Not every casino player is willing to waste large sums of money. Secondly, it takes a long time to achieve success. A win may occur in the next round after doubling your bet, or it may not happen at all.

Strategy 4: for beginners

Beginners are the most vulnerable group of online casino customers. The reason for this is inexperience. To start earning on a slot machine, you need to study its rules and mechanism in detail. There is no demo version of the crash game, so for new users have developed a gentle strategy.

The emphasis is again placed on the size of bets. You need to start with the minimum size bets. Now it is $0.1.

A big role in the tactic is played not by the amount itself, but by the set coefficient. Set the rate yourself, but make sure that it does not exceed x1.2. According to statistics, this level rocket with the Queen’s girl crosses almost always.

The risk of losing here is less, but still exists. In addition, the winnings will again be minimal. The tactic is suitable for training, but not for real earnings.

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Strategy 5: timing of betting

Winning odds are believed to alternate with each other and fall out after a certain time. Suppose that a minute ago some lucky guy got odds x200. It turns out that in the next hour big numbers should not be expected. If you go back to the game after that time, you have a chance to increase your winnings many times over.

Rocket Queen Signals

Let’s go back to where we started. The game is based on a random number generator. If it wants to give out two large odds in a row, it will do so, regardless of the time frame.

It can also do the opposite, for example, not to give out a large figure several rounds in a row. The success of the game does not depend on time. Perhaps a break of an hour, which is specified in the tactic, will save you from a money loss, or maybe it will deprive you of your winnings.

Rocket Queen Signals

Another way to win at Rocket Queen is to use free signals. The option is attractive, but again it does not work. Creators of Telegram channels and communities in VK assure that this tactic is 100% effective, but in fact they just lure money out of naive players.

The signals work like this:

The player enters the crash game at the set time and makes a deposit.
Then the bet is placed. And the indicators are set not at the player’s request, but according to the instructions given in the group or on the channel. For example, many communities are asked to turn on auto play and prescribe specific odds.
You can’t start the game until you get a signal from the project administrator. They specifically ask for notifications to be turned on so you don’t miss the moment.
When the signal is received, you can launch a rocket with Quinn in the air.
The creators of these schemes guarantee that the “Auto Withdrawal” feature will pick up your winnings in time and send them to your gaming account.

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The effectiveness of such strategies, of course, is questionable. Again, the slot machine runs on a random number generator, so you can’t predict the computer’s behavior.

How to check the Rocket Queen strategy for honesty

The best tactic to play the game is the one that you have tested from personal experience. Many users come to online casinos without any knowledge and gradually learn how to bet and manage the game. Blindly trusting strategies from the Internet is foolish. One client’s scheme may work, but for the second, it will bring huge losses.

Tips for Rocket Queen players

It is much safer to rely on the level of your budget, rather than tactics from the Internet. Here are a few tips for those planning to bet in the Rocket Queen crash game:

Rocket Queen strategy when play for money
  • You’ll have to risk money, but do it wisely. Let’s imagine that you have a total of 120$ to live on by the end of the month. Do not give in to gambling and betting all your savings. This is fraught with consequences – no money, debts, and other unpleasantness. Play for fun, and then the fun will bring results.
  • Do not rely on a single bet. It is extremely impractical to bet all your money, expecting that it will play. It is better to start with small amounts – so you “probe” the ground, understand the principle of the machine and build your gaming tactics.
  • Try to protect your profits by using the auto play feature. They are in the entertainment of Rocket Queen two – “Autoplay” and “Autoprovision”. To guarantee at least some winnings, use the second tool. He will withdraw the winnings until the girl flies away on the rocket.
  • Follow other players. You can connect to the game of other users for free and watch their progress. Also, a chat room is available for ordinary viewers to communicate. In it, players often share useful recommendations. Go to the game and wait for the start of a new round, and then watch the results.
  • Do not be greedy. If you are lucky to win, try to put the earned amount immediately for withdrawal. So the temptation and risk of spending the money on another bet will be less. After successful or, conversely, unsuccessful rounds it is recommended to take a break. Such moments are too emotional, and a person may act impulsively. Refresh your thoughts, do some other things, and then return in a calm state.
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Rocket Queen can be a winning game for you, but rely on luck and chance. Try to keep your budget in check, avoid emotional decisions and just enjoy the gambling process.

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